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Cylinder Smc CDJ2D16 - 20 - B

Cylinder Smc CDJ2D16 - 20 - B Especially Suitable For Yin Auto Cutter Machine 
Quickly details:


Type Cutter parts, auto cutter machine Cylinder
Applications Especially suitable for Yin cutter
Delivery time Within 10 Hours
Shipment way Via international express services

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Our newly-developed grinding stone. It can effectively reduce your maintenance cost and improve cutting quality and efficiency. Our grinding wheel stone is mainly made of diamond powder which has unique internal crystal structure that has the strongest hardness and impact resistance. Meanwhile, the grinding wheel has a longer using life since our diamond power’s anti-crush strength is 8 to 10 times than carborundum. Tetrahedral octahedral prismatic shape diamond powder can sharpen 3 to 4 times than normal grinding stone. When your cutting blade sharpens very fast and wears out, please adjust cutter sharpening times. we suggest you sharpen 2 to 3 times, normally 4 to 5 times. Our company focus on manufacturing sophisticated and high-quality cutter parts.
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